​Abuse Resolution & Recovery Treatment Services

ARRTS is a community-based program for children and adolescents who require intense therapy to address traumatic experiences.



To serve children and adolescents who experience behavioral health difficulties within a community-based outpatient setting. The program's goal is to provide intensive therapeutic stabilization to prevent more restrictive out-of-home placements.

2005 Community Based
Program of the Year
By: Juvenile Court Judge's Commission
2003 Outstanding Service for Intensive Community Based Child/Family Therapy
By: Juvenile Court Judge's Commission


We serve children and adolescents 5-17 years of age. Our clients a have a mental health diagnosis from a Licensed Psychiatrist/Psychologist. They must meet medical necessity criteria provided by their ISP team. Typical clients have exhibited a pattern of moderate to severe behavioral impairment sustained over a prolonged period of time. This includes children/adolescents experiencing mood or behavioral disturbances due to physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse or other trauma history. Some clients have a history of premature sexualization related to their former childhood victimization experiences. 


DTAC's ARRTS program is a community-based program designed to stabilize children and adolescents in their home, school and pro-social environments.

Authorized services range in intensity from 5-15 hours per week. 

The program provides a specialized sexuality tract for youth who are acting out in a sexually inappropriate manner. All clients within this tract receive therapy that specializes in sexual dependencies. Treatment methods include intensive individual psychotherapy, weekly group therapy sessions and psycho educational family counseling. 

The program operates primarily during after school hours during the school year and offers more flexible individualized scheduling during the summer months. The staff accompanies clients to and from their home, school, outpatient office and community support environments to ensure consistent application of behavioral interventions in those settings. For clients in crisis, 24 hour on-call pager service is available.


Serving the following PA counties:








  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker

  • Licensed Psychologist

  • Nationally Certified Addictions and Sexual Abuse Treatment Specialists

  • Mental Health Professionals

  • Mental Health Counselors

  • Program Director

  • Program Coordinator


Who can make referrals?​

Parents, social service agencies, MH/ID, Children and Youth, Juvenile Probation, medical healthcare providers, pediatricians, school personnel or other behavioral healthcare providers. 

How is client privacy protected?

Client confidentiality is protected by all state and federal privacy regulations. This means we cannot, and will not, disclose any information related to the client without signed consent from the parent or guardian, as well as the child (if applicable).

How is the program professionally staffed?

Our professional staff includes: licensed psychologists and nationally certified mental health practitioners.

How are your programs accredited/licensed?

Through the PA Office of Mental Health/ Substance Abuse, PA Department of Public Welfare and is a contracted service through Health Choices and managed care organizations. 

How does the program meet the child's needs?

Every client receives an individually tailored course of treatment designed to meet their unique situation and circumstances for the child and family. 

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